A cat in Milan

Hey there Cuties! :nekopaw:
How was your week? Last saturday I went to Lausanne for the Japan Impact, the convention I went to already two years ago. (Click and here and here to view the pictures~) I didn’t stay very long and although the costumes were great, I didn’t take any photos this time. Can’t really explain why but somehow I was too lazy to take decent pictures with that gloomy light. And I felt a little out of place with all the youngsters around me. :ainoonigiri: I’m getting too old for these kind of things! But let’s move on to the real reason for this entry.

My grandmother is quite fashion-conscious and has always had beautiful dresses and jewellery so when I go to Milan to visit her, I try to dress as neat and “Italian” as possible.

That’s not so much my usual dressing style, isn’t it? But the colors are the usual ones. Black, blue, red, white and brown are definitely the colors I wear the most. We spent the whole afternoon with strolling around the Duomo and in the shops and after a few hours my feet started hurting so badly that I barely was able to walk home. Even though or for the very reason that it was sunday, the stores were very crowded and I admired and appreciated Silvankun’s patience. In the end I only got a top from Mango which I can’t wait to wear when it will start getting warmer again.

Sorry for the tense facial expression. The sunlight was so bright! nyahaha my vampire skin & eyes didn’t like it. :klimper:

If you wonder where I’ve been the whole weekend long.. I discovered GAME OF THRONES. Ok, I know you’ve all mentioned it months ago in one way or an other but believe it or not, you’re raving about it let me cold. Don’t know why but somehow I thought it was a science fiction series and so it never crossed my mind to give it a try. Not that I have something against science fiction in general but yeah… So you can imagine what happened next. I lost all my weekend to Game of Thrones and I’m not even finished yet. :w: It’s redundant to write how much I love it?
Well so much that I even forgot to eat and drink. There’s enough nudity and sex but also love, envy, treason and most important: bloody brutality. awww :nope: The third season will premiere on March 31, 2013.

I’ll try and smile on the next photos, ok?

Oh, and on monday my new computer arrived! … yeah… I have all the reasons but no time to blog. But I’ll try to be better in the upcoming weeks!


Totally off topic but how did you like the series (Game of Thrones)?! Did you act like an addictive personality as me or didn’t you enjoy it?
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