A narcissistic Obento

Hey people out there! :hionigiri:
Just a quick entry to fill the void.. I’m more or less in a study-fever-modus so sadly I don’t have much time to blog :crying:. Next week the worst will be over and I will thoroughly enjoy my freedom again! but until then: study, study, study and then one week of exams.. :ohno: Actually I didn’t want to post pictures of this Obento on nekoblog because it had nothing kawaii (cute) in it.. but different people complimented its simplicity so I changed my mind and now I’m posting it. The concept is really simple and it only took me 20 min. to finish it (I already had the  Maki Zushi)


As Miho-chan noticed I’m totally addicted to Japanese food right now! This blog was originally meant to be mainly about “Japanese Cuisine” (as well as culture) so I don’t feel bad about posting only food but I will certainly be posting about other things again when this stressful periode is over! It’s just that food is something you encounter every day so it’s easy to take some pictures, upload them and write a little bit about it. I ordered a pair of circle lenses (my first pair!!) and got a pair of new shoes that I will review when my exams will be over :wink: but I didn’t had much time to take some outfit pictures or for shopping so food will have to do for now :nope:




– Fish nuggets
– Green Peas of some kind of climbing plant (here they call them coco peas)
– Daikon flowers with Surimi and black sesame
– Strawberries
– Maki Zushi with salomon&Wasabi or Surimi
In case you didn’t get it, I called it a narcissistic Obento because people thought the Daikon flowers looked like narcisses

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:
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