A not so creepy Kaonashi Bento

Today it’s Halloween. A good excuse for creeping out people without getting across as awkward. Or well.. in Switzerland you’d probably still get stared at if you walked around in a costume because we don’t celebrate Halloween. What we do have instead is a turnip lantern parade which is held in November. The turnips are carved similar to pumpkins but not necessarily with scary motifs. You’ll often see turnips with stars, moon and sun to celebrate the harvest of the last field crops in November.
Radishes look quite similar to turnips and the tiny version is suitable for bento I think. I really wanted to make a spooky Halloween bento but it still turned out cute-ish and not very gory.

harouinbento1 harouinbento2
There isn’t really much space in this wooden box, especially if you fill it with something triangle-shaped so the main ingredient here are the two Kaonashi onigiri. If you’ve watched Spirited Away you’ll probably recognize the strange creature. Since I don’t like to use food coloring my choice when it comes to making kyaraben (character-themed bento) is pretty limited. Kaonashi however is a character I really think is suitable for a Halloween-themed bento because let’s admit it, he IS pretty scary and has the face painting of a black metal guy. Both of them are carrying smoked trout with some wasabi inside their belly and I hope they are satisfied with it and won’t throw it up like in the movie..

kaonashibento1 kaonashibento3 kaonashionna kaonashibentoue
The garnish is some pan-fried champignons, blanched chard (erbette) and sausage sliced into stripes to make it look like worms? At least I tried.. Do you celebrate Halloween? And did you do anything special? We carved pumpkins and made a delicious soup out of the pulp. I’m not sure if the kind of pumpkin we used was the most suitable for pumpkin carving but what’s the point of carving pumpkins if the inside isn’t edible, right?

pumpkin16 pumpkins16
I hadn’t carved pumpkins in years but they didn’t turned out that bad I think. They both have a scary face and a friendlier face but frankly I feel like both sides are crazy. My bf’s carving is definitely more frightening though.

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