A sudden change of Plans

Remember how I told you that I was going to study during all my holidays? Well I just learned that in fact I haven’t got one week but two weeks of holidays! This has both, good and bad aspects for me.. Anyway, this is going to be a very short entry to tell you a little something about my plans. I didn’t study too seriously this week and probably I don’t deserve it but today we are going to Konstanz. Konstanz is in Germany and very close to Switzerland. Swiss people love to go there for shopping because it’s significantly cheaper. Honestly I think I’ve never been there.. so it’s about time!

And then, some sad, sad news… remember MAC’s Studio Fix Foundation I bought two weeks ago? Well it’s giving me terrible breakouts! I can’t believe it!!! I always thought people who say that a certain product causes breakouts were strange and that this couldn’t be true.. well, I was taught better.. :ohnoo:
I can’t believe I needed two weeks to accept the fact that this foundation is bad for my skin!
And I’m still fighting it! :snif: I’m really thunderstrucked! I mean it’s something ON my skin..I’m not eating the foundation or anything.. and nevertheless it can influence and cause such a drastic change in my skin?!? damn…!
The other thing is, that as you may know, I wasn’t using any foundation until two weeks ago! Using foundation really changed my makeup habits and I liked the even tone it provided for my skin.. I got like really dependent on it! And now I just don’t have a foundation anymore!! I was so happy that the lady chose the right color and all and now I just learned that I can’t wear MAC foundations!! arghh this just really p*sses me off.. and that I needed such a long time to grasp what was going on with my skin makes me believe I’m really stupid :oh:

And last but not least: Mon Bento send me a sample of their Bento boxes!!! Merci beaucoup for this lovely gesture~
I like the box a lot! As you may already know, I basically have three different Bento boxes I use and they’re all in the traditional Japanese style (black). This is the first “modern” box I own! the color is so pretty! I can’t wait to make a Bento with it and show you the pictures! Normally I don’t plan how my Obento should look like but for this box with this color there is a specific idea in my head.

And that’s it for today! Next week I R E A L L Y need to study.. so I won’t be posting that much :sigh:
Have a nice weekend everybody!

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