A tribute to spring and burdock

Hey there Readers & random passengers!
As I’m writing this entry, outside it is raining and there’s no sign of spring yet. I arrived to the country side friday night and lo and behold: a ‘few kilometers’ further southwards from Zurich, birds are chirping and there’s flowers everywhere.
I made this Bento on tuesday or wednesday… can’t remember since every day has been quite gloomy and rainy and the atmosphere at uni has been getting on my nerves.

Spring Bento! … or not so much

I don’t seem to have found the right people yet and those who I thought were all right turned out to be weird yet almost mean. That’s nothing new to me bu I thought that people at uni would be more mature.
But I guess I can’t pretend too much from classmates who are partially a lot younger than me.. :jupp: Also, I’m not known for being super extrovert and people often think I’m inapproachable but that’s probably because I’m a bit of a loner.
Nevermind, I don’t likely write too much about personal stuff but since almost all of my life revolves around uni and I spent most of my time there it bothers me and I needed to share it with you guys.. (and the world, I know..*rolling eyes*)
Ok, now I whined enough. As I started to write but eventually lost track, this is a Bento I decided to do while under time pressure. And it turned out accordingly…

Quick and fuss-free: my tribute to spring and gobō. Gobō is also called greater burdock, lappa or beggar’s buttons and is probably my number one favourite Japanese vegetable. It is rich in flavour and the texture is devine. Yes, I’m craving for this this root. It is usually stir-fried with carrots, soy sauce and a little mirin and sprinkled with some golden sesame. Or at least that’s how I learned it. :nyan:
Next to the gobō, there’s the shiraae I raved about in the last entry (click) garnished with pickled ginger. In the other receptacle there’s tuna-mayo sandwiches, shrimps and a sakura mochi for dessert.
I’m off to study or rather writing my speech… I managed neverheless to take some pictures here and I hope that on Sunday I will have some time to work in the vegetable patch.
Have a nice and sunny weekend everyone!

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