Back to school~ no more glamour

Hey Beauties :twinkles:
Today school started again. I’m so happy to see my class after 4 weeks! I was starting to get bored here at home.. if it wasn’t for blogging I think I would have gone crazy :ohnoo:. Yes, there’s always something to do for school but I’m just not that disclipined.. I first have to get back in that special “school mood”. When everbody is working around me I’ll probably work too :hehe:. The class schedule changed completely and I’m not sure whether I like it or not. My classes start around 12:00 and end around 6pm. I’m a morning person and it was practical to go to school in the mornings and have “free” afternoons.. Now I get up early in the morning and don’t know what to do..(yes I know, I should study.. but alone in the morning?!?) So I’ll probably just change my whole daily rhythm. Study in the evening/night and “sleep in” the next morning. There’s one special thing that this change of class schedule has brought along: I’ll have to bring my lunch with me! Since there is no more lunch break and school starts at 12, I’ll have to eat something in between the hours.

Please don’t be upset! I know that many of you expected to see a drop dead cute come-back Obento but I’m afraid I won’t have that much time this semester! This Obento just took me about 15 min.
Since many of the Obento I made were for my boyfriend I put a lot of effort into it. Now that they’re only for myself the motivation to make them cute is not that strong :tongue:. I won’t stop creating cute Obento but I’ll write also about the not so cute ones since the recipes and combinations are still yummy!
To see the recipes and more pictures read on!

– Daikon
– Avocado
– Thai shrimps
– Some walnuts & Wasabi and Nori coated peanuts
– Cherry tomato
– Soy sauce, Wasabi and lemon juice

サラダ 大根 (Daikon Salad)
This salad is really easy to make so tasty and perfect for summer! Use a peeler to first remove the Daikon’s skin and then peel the large, white root into long, fine and wide stripes. The Daikon stripes will absorbe a lot of taste cut like this but you can also cut them in other manners! Just make sure to cut them thinly.. To remove the slightly strong radish smell let the Daikon stripes soak in cold water for about 10 min. and then, let them drain well. Take half a tea spoon full of Wasabi and mix it with some soy sauce and lemon juice in a bowl. Add the drained, finely cut Daikon and blend it with the sauce. Finished!
If you are an admirer of Japanese cuisine, this salad will blow your mind! I know, self-praise is no recommendation but when I tried a little bit of it (it’s the first time I made this salad) I was like “oh my goooooood” and my boyfriend was all jealous :totorosmile:

焼き (Yaki Ebi)
Dab off the moist on the shrimps with a kitche paper. Turn them in starch (I use Katakuriko but you can use any starch) and fry them on medium to high heat with a little bit of garlic and vegetable oil in a pan. Add a dash of Sake or white wine and let the alcohol fully evaporate. If you like curry sprinkle just a little bit over the shrimps (you don’t wan’t to ruin all the other subtle flavours) and leave them for about 3 min. on low heat. Normally I garnish them with ginger but this time I wanted to try it with a little curry. For the Avocado I just carved it out with a spoon and seasoned it with salt, lemon juice and olive oil. :blinkheart:
I hope you will try out the Daikon salad recipe! It is really low in calories and fat but tastes great!!
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:
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