Baumstriezel and other goodies

Hello Sunshines! :twinkles:
How is the Christmas shopping going? Despite Christmas being so close I haven’t found many presents yet. I’m really not good at thinking of gifts at command and I prefere much more to make presents when I accidentally stumble upon something I just know it’s perfect for a specific person but spending money on a mass product that you can find around every corner is just so not my style (at least mostly :nope: ). I’m not regretting my decision though since I feel really pitiful for all the stressed people out there chasing presents for their loved ones. I prefer strolling through the streets and stores and feasting on the beautiful Christmas decorations and the scent of mulled wine in the air. Maybe I just grew out of the age when Christmas is all about the presents and am starting to appreciate other things like being with family and friends. Do you decorate your home during this time of the year? We had a really small Christams tree in a pot last year but it didn’t grow well and now one side is pretty bald so I’m afraid I will have to plant this poor little thing in the garden and get a new one. :snif:
I like having a little bit of Christmas feeling at home but I haven’t really found the time for it this year so I decided to cheer myself up with Christmas markets. :totorosmile:

The shop I liked best was a tiny shop selling Baumstriezel. The origin of this pastry is uncertain but it is traditional for Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. The dough consists of flour, yeast, sugar, eggs, milk, butter & salt. The thin yeast pastry ribbon is then wound around a wooden cylinder and baked over charcoal fire. It is sweetened with sweet spices, the most common being cinnamon, topped with walnuts or almonds, and sugar. The caramelized sugar on the surface, creates a sweet, crisp crust. Due to the fact that like the Baumkuchen it is baked around a wooden cylinder is often confused with it but the only thing they have in common is the hole in the middle. Baumkuchen is an Austrian speciality that is very popular in Japan.
It was the first time for me trying Bumstriezel and I loved it. The weather was really windy and towards the end of the evening it was also drizzling so we were happy to have this hot and yummy cake. :jumpingrabbit:

To follow ねこちゃん to the Christmas market, read on!

The simplest decoration is often the most beautiful.. don’t you think so?

Me, posing in front of a rundown house.. I love backgrounds like this..

… still sticking to the fox scarf and the red boots :wink:

Ok, ok now I’m showing you some stalls at the Christmas market :tongue:

I like cute mushrooms as Christmas decoration!

There were many little shops selling scented bath salts and incense in tubes with rose petals and other flowers and herbs. They were quite expensive though so I resisted them and decided to make my own bath salt someday!

Naturally colored and scented soaps and bath boms as far as your eyes can reache..

Silvankun checking out all the delicacies.. of course you could try them :klimper:

Decoration made of beautiful lace.. :swirlheart:

A little bit of Venice in Konstanz!

I love this picture.. :smile:

Two days ago we went to the Christmas market in Zurich but we didn’t like it at all. The people were so different than the ones in Konstanz. No children, families and couples but mostly yuppies drinking alcohol…

The Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich

The Christmas market in Zurich takes place in the hall of the main station

Gingerbread hearts and other goodies

And last but not least, the silly Swarovski Christmas tree.. it is decorated with Swarovski jewels.. :eee:

I don’t like this tree because it’s always shielded so that nobody can steal something and it’s so overloaded with decoration that one can’t see the green of the tree anymore.. :crying: But the tourists like it.
So that’s it with my picture loaded Christmas market entry! I hope I was able to transmit a little bit of Chritmas feeling. :twinkles:

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