Black & Snow

Hey snow and beach bunnies! :jumpingrabbit:
How is your week going? I’m having quite the stressful days but last saturday it suddenly started snowing over night and when I woke up it was still snowing and everything was covered in white. I don’t know what it is exactly about snow that makes me feel so happy and alive but there’s definitely magic when it starts snowing. Actually I had in mind to study really hard on that day but I just couldn’t resist going out and take photos. When I came back, my fb and instagram feed were crammed with pictures of snowy balconies but no one was crazy enough to actually go out that morning to take pictures. Or maybe I’m just behaving like a child when it starts snowing. :heartame: I remember getting excited every year over the first snow falls. I think animals go slightly crazy too when winter suddenly breaks in.

As usual my partner in crime was Silvankun, my boyfriend. You may wonder about my really unlogical and inappropriate outfit for a frosty and snowy winter day… well I can’t really give you an explanation for that but I bought the dress after a really frustrating day at uni and the shoes were standing in my closet since I got them about two months ago so I wanted to wear both. :nyan: So I picked my nikon and my love and went for a walk. Or should I say for a stumble?
It was almost impossible for me to walk in these shoes and I don’t think I could wear them normally. But not even the extremely tall heels Ive never walked on kept me from trying posing in the snow. As you can see though on my red nose and hands it was freezing cold and my hair got all wet. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a real outfit post because you can barely see the dress I’m wearing but I wanted to share some of the pics with you guys because I’m really enjoying the snow. :tanoshii:

The snow has melted since then but today it started snowing again.. (how many times have I already written the word snow in this post?!? :youreweird: ) Anyway, I can’t wait to ride on the mountains! Do you like winter sports? I do :on: But for the next two weeks Ill be trapped behind books and assignments and won’t have the time to blog. I’ll miss reading all your lovely blogs but I’ll be back as soon as possible reading & commenting & writing as usual. I wish all of you who are experiencing the same final exams stress good luck and endurance!

I’m definitely going to take more decent shots of this dress but for now I hope you enjoyed the wintery pictures~ byebye,
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