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Hey there sugar peas!20746451
I decided to take a little break from the Japan travel diary because there’s so many other things lining up right now but I promise that I won’t forget about it and that I’m going to show you every place I visited.
A few days ago I went through the countless beauty stuff I got in Japan and came across a purple hair chalk I bought at the Donkihotei in Tokyo. They were mostly sold out and they didn’t have the colors I first had in mind but I took one nevertheless and tried it out the other day.


I’ve always wanted pretty pink oder baby blue hair but I’m too chicken to actually dye or tint it that way. But for everyone who’s a chicken like me, there’s hair chalk! I frankly don’t know how the colors would look with dark hair but with mine it worked perfectly and since it’s a Japanese product, I’m pretty sure that the colors works also on very dark or black hair because it’s just colorful dust on and not in your hair.


Even though I love pink, I was slightly disappointed because I already own a pink hair chalk and was really curious about having purple hair and in the selfies I took, the hair looks even more pink than it actually was. I didn’t wear gloves when I applied it which was a big mistake because my hands turned out deep purplish and everything I touched got purple imprints. And I also renounced to fix the chalk with hair spray, simply because I don’t really have hair sprays except for a sea salt hair spray which I used before I put on the color.


I was kind of worried that the color wouldn’t come off my hair any everything I touched but of course it got washed out right after the first shampoo. My brush though is still purple and there’s still fingerprints everywhere. This can easily be avoided and I will totally stick to the instructions the next time. :totorosmile:
Although the color doesn’t look that vibrant and is of matte finish, I enjoyed playing around with it and am definitely going to buy a decent fixing spray so I can wear this without fear of leaving stains on my clothes. What do you think? Is pink wearable all the time and do people judge you more quickly? I didn’t feel so strange to me but I’m afraid (yeah, I know I shouldn’t but I do!!!) what people may think of me!


Sorry for the messy hair and such but obviously I didn’t do this mess after, but before I took the shower. I can totally recommend this to anyone who’s thought about dying his hair but doesn’t know which color to pick. They’re not so expensive (at least this one wasn’t) and you get a good idea of how you might look with colorful hair. Of course it’s really amateurish and even a stupid, untalented person like me can pull it off but it’s still worth the money and you get fast results without having anything permanent.

Have a nice sunday everyone and see you soon~ :on:


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