Can someone teach me how to love this city?

I’m already getting bored with the Moscow entries and I don’t really know what to tell you about the trip because I didn’t like it too much and I’ll just end nagging about how hard it was. I’ve never been homesick in my entire life until my trip to Moscow. I hope nobody gets offended while reading this. :arigatou: I’m sure Moscow is full of nice and hospitable people but we weren’t too lucky. It’s quite embarrassing but I even had to cry and didn’t want to leave the hotel room anymore because we were having such awkward and unpleasant sutuations. I think it’s definitely better to know someone who lives there and can show you the city like a real Moscovite. :boxkitten:

The second day Silvankun had a wonerful idea. We took a boat on the Moskva river like real tourists do and enjoyed the sight of this huge city with its mind-blowing buildings from the water. The city really is impressing but I would never want to live there. I’m quite sure though that I would have loved everything else in Russia. It’s too strange to read these words myself because I always said that I feel comfortable everywhere but this time I wasn’t crying because I had to leave (like I usually do) but because I was going back to Switzerland. The next time I’m going to Russia I’m definitely going to see the country and not the city of Moscow. Ok, I know it must be unusual to read such harsh words but that’s how I feel. Nyaaa sorry guys, I’m in a really bad mood so I shouldn’t keep writing.. :sigh:
If you’re interested in looking at the pictures though, you should “read on”.. But don’t expect to see the classical pictures of buildings everyone knows… I like to take pictures of unusual things :baloonpanda: Most of you probably already know that. :hehe:


PS: I’m so excited to show you nekoblog’s new layout!! There are still some things that need to be optimised but I think it will be finished in the next days.
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