Cats of Moscow

I’m back already! :totorosmile:
Originally I had planned to do three entries about Moscow, one for (almost) each day but there are so many pictures that I had to split them even more. Furthermore I just thought that the cats of Moscow deserve an own entry. If you ask yourself why, just look for yourself… :omnom:

This lively backyard was probably the cosiest place I’ve been in Moscow. A small cat empire in middle of a huge city. There were no other intruders except of us, a a sloppy and overprotective dog and some birds. But they seemed to respect each other and to get along together. Silvankun even started to play with the tiny ones that were obviously very curious. I think cats look different from country to country but these really impressed me. Some looked like small lions and they behaved so hierarchical! :bang:

*Nyaaa* do you see the tiny black cat in front of the big dog? so cuuute! The dog didn’t do anything…

The atmosphere in that backyard was truly special and I enjoyed very much to absorb some of it. It was the ideal place to relax for a while from all the traffic and rush that was going on outside that yard. At some point however, the overprotective dog started barking and lured out an old Russian Babushka who started shouting at us and kicked us out.

To see more cats of Moscow, read on!

Want to see even more cats? Take a look at my entry about an island in Japan that has more feline than human inhabitants: Cats of Tashirojima :boxkitten:
The next entry about Moscow is going to be a blast. Giantic buildings on fire, gold, ships and pomp. I also wanted to say Thank You to everyone who motivated me to keep nekoblog as it is, with many different topics! I’m also still working at a slightly new layout so stay tuned pumpkins! :bling: I can’t wait to read your opinion! Have a nice weekend everyone!

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