Dolly Eye Circle Lenses

今日は~:jumpingrabbit: I’m back from the dungeons of books :nope:. No tests for the next three weeks!!! Also, my lovely friend Sophie I met in Japan is here!! She stayed in Berlin for a couple of months to learn German and now she’s visiting Switzerland before going back to Canada. And last but not least my first pair of circle lenses arrived! I ordered them two weeks ago on dbeautyshop and was very plaesed with their good service after a rather unpleasant experience with MyCandyEyes. The lenses are soft and last up to one year if you keep them clean and don’t wear them every day. They arrived with a cute elephant-shaped lense case I instantly fell in love with. Even if I had to prepare the matter for the exams of the next day, I couldn’t resist trying them on and taking some pictures. Beware of a heavy ego pic session! :hehe:

Dolly Eye Circle Lenses

Since I don’t wear glasses or contact lenses it was a real challenge! Fortunately my boyfriend is used to contact lenses and gave me some handy tips on how to put them in :wink:.
1. You have to keep your Eyelids wide open with two fingers
2. You have to look straightforward
Sounds easy but it took me several attempts before succeeding!

Dolly Eye circle lenses

This one is with my natural eye color and size – no circle lenses
The effect is clearly visible on the comparison picture below.

On the left side my normal eyes on the right side Eos Dolly Eye Grey lenses. The enlargement is obvious and I like the color a lot! But what makes them really look like doll eyes is the black circle! I have do admit that not being used to lenses I first had to habituate to the feeling of having something in the eye. I can’t really say if they’re better than other lenses because this is my first pair! But they look definitely stunning and my eyes weren’t watering like the last time I wore color lenses over six years ago!

Stay tuned for more!
byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:
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