Easter Bunny Bento~

Hello there! :hello:
I’m in Lausanne for the Polymanga Convention right now but this morning I made an easter Bento! allhealthanswers.net We ate it for lunch in the car.. :tongue: It was the first time I’ve cooked and eaten quail eggs! They’re so tiny and cute and every single egg has a different pattern on the shell. I’ve read that every bird makes its own pattern.

In the upper tire there’s a Soba bird’s nest with soy sauce, Ponzu (a citrus-based sauce), radishes, cress and three little quail eggs, some cottage cheese and a fruity dessert with banana and strawberries. Soba are Japanese buckwheat noodles that I like very much. In the other tire I made a bed of rocket and added salmon, cucumber and a little radish. And last but not least, there are the two plain Onigiri bunnies.

So that’s it for now! I need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.. :iida: I didn’t even had the time to try on my cosplay costume. In fact it isn’t a cosplay costume but just a school uniform. But since I don’t want to wear the same outfit twice I’ll make some changes! Oh and I got a new cam!! It’s unbelievable!! a LUMIX G1! These are probably the last pics you are going to see with my good, old Nikon D70. Last year it flew over two meters and landed on the hard floor but it still worked! I will take good care of the new one though! :totorosmile: Wish me luck!! I’m so excited for tomorrow! There are going to be so many people and I’ll need to speak french! :ohnoo:

Have a wonderful weekend Everyone & Happy Easter!


PS: to take a look at last year’s easter bento click here! hehe it’s quite different, isn’t it? :youreweird:
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