Fairytale beds & weird things

Soooo I’m back already! Actually I hadn’t thought about an entry like this but since the pictures are piling up and I really wanted to share some of them with you I’m going to make a pretty random post about my visit to IKEA today… :baloonpanda:

I’m not a huge ikea fan but its always fun strolling around the perfectly furnished mini rooms. And since I had my cam with me I started taking some pictures.. (is that even allowed?!) Anyway, my haul (as usual) started when I reached the children’s section & deco stuff… Even if I have some, I don’t like ikea furniture too much. I prefer old furniture I get from my parents or furniture I can find in second hand shops but the things they make for children are pretty cute I think! :bling:

Ok, so the plan was to get a desk and maybe a bed and some other furnishings but I wasn’t truly convinced of any of their furniture so I ended up buying plushies and other small things… like for example a mosquito net! :ohnoo:
It’s completely useless because it has already gotten quite cold in Switzerland but I had one when I was a kid and I hope that I can make my pretty small room with a small bed look more girly with it! Well we’ll see… maybe it will just look ridiculous.. :tongue: I can’t wait to show you a photo of my room when it’s finished!

Read on for some more pics~

Ikea food… it was ok! and the price is unbeatble :nope:

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