Hello Moscow!

Hello sweet peas! :omnom:
I feel so guilty for not blogging in such a long time! I missed reading your blog entries so much and can’t wait to catch up on them. Right now I’m in the middle of my admission examinations and on Sunday we’re leaving for Moscow but I’ll be back four days later and then I’ll blog like there’s no tomorrow!

Saturday and Sunday the JapAniManga Night is taking place in Winterthur and I would really love to go there but my entire weekend is so booked up! The flight to Moscow leaves Sunday evening so I may still have the time to go there for a couple of hours in the afternoon. And of course I will go on Saturday too as soon as my oral exam in geology is over… :ohnoo:
Anyway, there’s a lot to tell you but I have to get ready now for my English exam! I just wanted to give you guys a vital sign before leaving for Russia.

I love Lonely Planet travel guides :aiyo:

I’m pretty excited about this trip since it’s the first time I visit this country! I have no idea at all how it is.. Here’s a little Brainstorming of things that come to my mind when I think about Russia.. :blinkheart:
:twinkles: Snow, Vodka, Fur, Ushankas, Babushkas, Tsar, Rasputin, Russian Ballet, Gypsies, Horses, Folklore, Russian Orthodox Church, Colors, Soviet Union , Marx, Doctor Zhivago, :twinkles: …
Not a lot, I know, but all things that fascinate me! :miam:
Have you ever been to Russia or Moscow? Any suggestions?
There are so many museums to visit I dodn’t even know where to start! Speaking of which, I inscribed myself to the University of Zurich for East Asian Art History with Japanese and Art History as secondary subjects. It was a though decision because I would have really loved to study biology but in the end I think that I will have more opportunities with East Asian History. Biology would have been more like a “heart decision” and East Asian Art History is more like a “brain decision”… we’ll see!! hehe.. :ghihi:

Can’t wait to be back and share all the impressions of Moscow with you!

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