I see double Bento

Hello Readers & Followers :nekopaw:
I’m so sorry I haven’t written for over a week but I had different things going on and next week doesnt looks any better. I’m stuck with exams every week (history and calligraphy) and crazy amounts of reading stuff… I still have to find a new blogging pace!
But since I promised to post the Bento I made for uni over two weeks ago, I couldn’t go one more day without blogging so here we go. I wanted to post both but the lighting in the pictures is so different that I decided to post them apart.

The big one is for Silvankun and the small one for me. There’s rice with a pickled plum (umeboshi), dumplings (gyoza), Brussels sprouts cooked and pan fried with honey and soy sauce, potato salad with sausage octopus and taromochi with nectarine as dessert. The Bento was easy and quickly done but tasty! I wouldn’t use Brussels sprouts anymore though because they smelled a little strong in the class room and there are definitely more pleasant smells than the smell of cooked cabbage. Do you think its gross when people eat in class? or does it depend on what the food is? I don’t like the smell of food in public transport but it doesn’t bother me when someone eats in the class room. The cabbage smell was really embarrassing though.. :jupp:

There’s so many things I wish to blog about but only little time. I went on a shopping spree, had a crazy shooting on a boat with my bff C. and her friend from scenography school, ate the best burger in town and made my first successful cupcakes! I really want to blog about all this soon because it’s not so much fun writing about events that happened a long time ago. Can’t say what’s going to be next but depending on how much time I have, I would like to show you some of the pictures I took at the Japan Matsuri in Geneva two weeks ago! Stay tuned Pumpkins :bling:


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