Into the Wild

Hello Dear Readers! :twinkles:
I wanted to show you a little something of what I did during the last two weeks. I’m not the most reliable blogger because I keep going on mini hiatuses without notification but at least I keep making pictures of everything that captures my interest like a decent blogger. :wink: As you may know, I started a small vegetable patch a few weeks ago when I was in Italy. The trip is pretty long, to be precise, it takes about three to four hours to get there! During this trip we cross one sometimes two mountain passes to get over the Swiss alps. The weather and especially the vegetation change dramatically so I always like to take picture from the car window..

What I like about this scenery is the rough but still beautiful nature. I never grow tired of this sight and always discover something new in it. They’re probably not the conventional pictures of beautiful things but I find it interesting to look for beauty in no matter what. Enough said! I hope you enjoy the scenery as much as I did~ :iida:

There’s something that reminds me of horro movies in those pictures but maybe that’s just because I watched too many of them. :tongue:
To see some real Italian pastry and more creepy pictures, read on!

And here, just for you my little food porn lovers, Italian food..

Enjoy your weekend!

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