Japan Matsuri in Geneva

Good morning world! :rabukuma:
It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and I’m already up. Getting up early isn’t and has never been a problem for me. I like watching the sunrise much more than the sunset but that’s not the main reason. :nope: Anyway, I’ve been studying Kanjis the whole day yesterday so this morning I felt like updating nekoblog and give you guys something to look at. :bling:

Although the car ride was kind of long (three hours..) it was totally worth it! I was amazed by all the beautiful Kimono and the many cute children. There were different performances like dancing, singing and even a traditional wedding to show the different Kimono styles. It was nice seeing new as well as well known faces and I didn’t know that there was such a big community of Japanese people in the French speaking part of Switzerland. I would love to write something about the food too but unfortunately I didn’t get to try a lot of it because the Ramen and Yakisoba was quickly sold out. But I tried some Gyoza which were so delicious! :miam:

Want to see more pictures? Read on~

Sorry for the huge picture spam.. :nyan: Have you spotted Asimo, the humanoid robot? It was the main attraction and there were so many people trying to take a glimpse at him. Silvankun likes robots and I think it was very interesting looking at one but despite his really cute appearance his movements had something slightly frightening.. :oh: As you probably noticed it’s really difficult for me to keep up with all the things I want to blog about because I have no time but I really want to make at least one entry a week! I hope you enjoyed the photos and I can’t wait to be back.
Have a sunny Sunday lovlies :on:

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