Japan through little squares

Hey there Pumpkins! :hionigiri:
Long time no see! I feel bad for not updating from Japan but we were always on the move and every day went by so quickly that I barely had time to recharge my nekophone. Telling you about the stay in Japan will probably fill up quite some blog entries but starting with some kind of overview will allow me to go through the lived time once more and to sort out my memories. After all two months are a long time and many things we saw and did at the beginning of our travelling already seem far away.

1. Had a really bad cold and no voice at all.. 2. Snow on the second day of our road trip 3. Udon at a Momiji Matsuri 4. Momiji leaves 5. Yummy Indian curry and naan 6. In the subway in Sapporo 7. Hot meal after a long and wet walk on the typhoon day 8. View from the Sapporo train station 9. Last day of our road trip

Those of you who follow me on instagram will probably hate me now know because it’s all the pics from there but I think they look pretty all put together and they all have such different colors and moods.

1. Autumn leaves in the Takino Suzuran park 2. Satoruchan 3. Little pretty shrine 4. Hirokun 5. Yummy Ramen I had in Biei 6. Obaasan’s beans 7. …and veggies..mmmmh! 8. Coco and neko 9. Studying math

We stayed on Hokkaido for two weeks and afterwards took the ferry to Tsuruga on Honshu and visited Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. Kyoto is so rich in shrines, temples and beautiful green space that it’s easy to forget that you’re actually in a city.

1. Silvan trying to eat the sticky rice cake 2. Buddha statue at the Ninnaji 3. Bamboo forest near the Inari shrine 4. In a tiny tea shop in Kyoto 5. Jizo statues 6. Business men eating Ramen 7. At the Inari shrine :3 8. Yummy sweets and old young lady 9. Tsubaki flower and Torii

1. Kasuga Taisha grand shrine in Nara 2. All cheeky on my bicyle 3. Strawberry dream cake 4. All pink and cute 5. Best Ramen in Kyoto 6. Being silly while waiting for the food 7. Taiyaki at the Inari shrine, so good! 8. Yasaka temple 9. Neko with fox ears at the Ninnaji

From early till mid November we travelled around Kyushu and finally had the chance to set up our tent and enjoy some mind blowing places. The food, people and nature were incredible and I wish we had stayed even longer.

1. Giant moth 2. On mount Aso 3. Kannon buddha in Nagasaki 4. Dangoteishoku – so yummy! 5. I love traditional Japanese rooms 6. At the Jomon museum in Uenohara 7. Sakurajima 8. Kitsune Udon 9. Almost there! hello Kyushu

1. Finger licking at Mr. Donuts 2. Anago – tasty with rice! 3. Fukuoka 4. New make up 5. First Yakiniku feast 6. Pretty persimmon 7. Bento pouch awwww! 8. Disney figures on the Kirin milk teas – love them! 9. キャプテン・ハーロック – Captain Harlock from Galaxy Express 999

Coming back to Osaka was quite the change after all the vast places we had seen on Kyushu but I never grow tired of discovering new streets and shops in the big cities. Osaka is loud and very colorful and there’s always funny people around.

1. Dotonbori 2. School girls getting ready for taking Purikura 3. Neko tights 4. Cutest creepers 5. Glico running man by night 6. Oden on a street corner 7. Korilakkuma trapped in the ufo catcher 8. Yakiniku~ 9. Nope I didn’t change my hair color it’s just the light

1. Ferris wheel on top of the the HEP Five department store 2. Umeda station 3. Floating garden observatory 4. We made Okonimiyaki! 5. On the sky building in Shin Umeda 6. lights at the Namba parks 7. Japan’s started to rub off on me 8. All caught up by the view 9. Restaurant in Kitaku

As we arrived back to Tokyo it had gotten colder but it was mostly sunny and we enjoyed some beautiful last nine days in Japan.

1. Kitty cake 2. Purikura pros 3. New ear ring 4. kawaiiiii 5. Yummy Kaitenzushi 6. Harajuku people 7. Banana milk 8. pretty and oh so tasty! 9. Big eyes

1. Shinjuku station 2. Lights in Shibuya 3. No photos please! …we like school girls..o.= 4. Shinbashi 5. Nepalese dinner! 6. Best ufo catchers 7. I’ll miss Momoteeeeen 8. Cat bag in the train 9. Above the cross roads of Shibuya

At the end of our stay our luggage had grown and I was a little afraid of showing up at the air port with some overweight but luckily the didn’t ask any question and besides some strange events at the stopover in Moscow we arrived safe and sound in Zurich on the 28th of October.
Last week was pretty much about seeing my family again, laundry and store all the new things we got. I’m still jet-lagged though and hardly manage to stay up after 7pm but it’s great to have your own place again and eat home cooked food.
Many blog entries to come about Japan so if you’re curious about seeing this country from a maybe new angle, you can look forward to some very different sceneries. I’m glad to be back with you guys!

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