Japanshop near Basel



Hey Everyone!
Some weeks ago we decided to visit Basel. A few kilometer before Basel (arriving from Zürich) there is a small locality called Muttenz with a quite special Japan shop. The family running this business since the sixties had originally started by importing Budō equipment (for Aikidō, Kendō, Kyūdō etc.) such as Bokutō (wooden swords) and  Kyūdō bows. They expanded gradually and today they also offer antiques, furniture and other items like Hibachi, Shokudai or Shokki. I’m not a specialist but I think that what they charge is modest. I was positively astonished.


Here some Impressions


If you happened to be in the surroundings of Basel a trip there is well worth it!
I’ll be back soon
byebye ねこちゃん


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