Kaonashi Onigiri~

Yaaay! It’s dark and rainy and cold. I can’t wait for more rainy days to come. :heartame: Yesterday Pimo from Wok Blog translated and published my Rilakkuma Inari article on her fabulous Blog! Thank you Pimo, I feel so honoured! I strongly recommend you to check out the genuine and mouth-watering recipes with beautiful pictures on her Blog! I don’t know if it’s the weather or just me but with this temperatures there’s nothing more enjoyable than to hold and eat a steaming and warm Onigiri. I love the moist and slightly sticky texture of the rice coverd with a sheet of nori. I wonder why there isn’t a restaurant or something that sells them! The only places I had Onigiri in Japan was while staying at some families and in Konbini stores. I remember that instead of sandwiches, Okasan prepared Onigiri to bring with us on the slopes. It was so romantic eating the riceballs outside in the snow. :hehe:

There is nothing romantic about these little fellows. In fact they look more like Gene Simmons (KISS).. you know, the rock band with the dudes who look like cool pandas. :wink: In case ou didn’t get it, I tried to make them look like Kaonashi from Spirited Away. The idea is from Anna the red‘s bentofactory. Kaonashi means “no face” and is a very interesting and mystic character. I tried to find more information about him but I didn’t find anything satisfying. There are a lot theories and assumptions around this Miyazaki film but I think most of them are useless. It is probable that Kaonashi’s impressive face is inspired by the masks of the traditional Japanese Nō (能) plays but I’m not totally convinced about this. Anyway, it is a great movie and it doesn’t make much sense looking for an explanation somewhere on the internet because probably everyone has his own understanding and feelings while watching this spectacular movie.

The next time I’m doing them, I’ll try to give them more accurate faces :ghihi: It was some kind of snack for me and Silvankun so I simply added some cherry tomatoes and a “yellow” carrot with some white yoghurt. If you want to know how to make yummy Onigiri with filling look it up here.

Do you like Onigiri as much as I do?! byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:
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