Konstanz through cat eyes

ただいま帰りました I’m back everyone!
Actually this week I don’t have much time to blog but let me show you some impressions of Konstanz before I disappear behind a fortress of books..
Konstanz, with approximately 80,000 inhabitants, is located at the western end of Lake Constance (called Bodensee in German) in the south-west corner of Germany, bordering Switzerland. From Zurich it took us about 40 min. to get there by car. In 1460 the Swiss Confederacy conquered Thurgau, Konstanz’s natural backcountry. Konstanz then made an attempt to get admitted to the Swiss Confederacy, but the forest cantons voted against its entry, fearing over-bearing city states; Konstanz then joined the Swabian League instead. In the Swabian War of 1499, Konstanz lost its last privileges over Thurgau to the Confederation. I didn’t know about this fact until I read about it on wikipedia! I think it’s pretty interesting since I thought Switzerland never really “conquered” anything!

Because it almost lies within Switzerland, directly adjacent to the Swiss border, Konstanz was not bombed by the Allied Forces during World War II. Unlike Schaffhausen, who suffered a bombing raid by United States Army Air Forces aircraft which strayed from German airspace into neutral Switzerland due to navigation errors (they assumed the Rhine to be the natural border to Germany but Schaffhausen lies behind it..). About a hundred civilians were killed; the United States immediately offered a million dollars in reparations. Konstanz however had more luck with its location. It is said that the city left all its lights on at night, and thus fooled the bombers into thinking it was actually part of Switzerland. After the war, Konstanz was included first in South Baden and then in the new state of Baden-Württemberg. source

Although it takes you like nothing to get there and the ancient city is very beautiful I’ve never been in Konstanz! The city isn’t that big and you can easily stroll through all of the city in one afternoon but if you take your time looking at things, you may need two afternoons and that’s what we did. We randomly visited the stores we liked took a look at the Konstanz Cathedral and went to the lake. In the evening we decided to have Sushi at the restaurant Bo Dai Tei that despite its good ratings, really authentic and nice Japanese atmosphere unfortunately had only average Sushi. The restaurant however, was full, the Sushi chef Japanese and the tea was for free.
The second day I discovered a charming second-hand shop called Second Heaven. It’s been ages since my last secon-hand shop visit but the vitrine of this one was so well arranged that I just had to go inside and take look. The thing with thrift shops is, that in Switzerland (and I think probably also in the rest of Europe) they got so popular that the prices aren’t really fair anymore.. You end up buying something really expensive just because it’s “second-hand” and this kind of s*cks. Anyway, I couldn’t resist buying two pieces that I will show you in a later post.

To follow ねこちゃん on her trip through Konstanz, read on!

Naturally, besides all the tiny and cute stores, I had to go for some “serious” shopping in the “big” department stores like the LAGO and the Kartstadt. I had read on different blogs about the cosmetic brand “Alverde” and the beautiful swatches of their rouges, the fact that it’s “natural cosmetics” and their fair prices made me want to check them out. I chose two rouges, eye shadow, a foundation and lip glosses. Of course I will review them as soon as I have the time but let me already tell you that the lip glosses are AWESOME! (and this comes from someone who hates lip glosses…)
Anyway, this entry is getting horrendously long so let me just show you the pics I took. I hope you enjoy!

I know, I know, lots of pictures :ghihi:
I hope I will find the time to make a Halloween-themed Obento this week and show you the pictures!

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