Kota Koti~ a living doll

I’ve never heard of her until two days ago but it seems as if the whole Asian region is raving about her. The first thing people think is: “she can’t be real” but I can assure you that she definitely is. I totally love her style and her makeup and photoshop skills are truly fantastic!
I think she’s cute also without the huge-eyes makeup and all that but she totally rocks the doll style which I love…

..she has two piercings?!

Ok, so I know this is not everyone’s taste but you have to admit that she’s pretty good in what she does! .. namely, looking like a doll!

Her real name is Dakota Rose Ostrenga and she lives in Florida. There’s not much information about her and most of it is from Spanish sites but here it is:
She’s 16 years old and has an older sister named Kirsten Leigh (20) alias Kiki Kannibal. Kiki Kannibal became known as an Internet celebrity in the US some years ago after publishing pictures of herself on the internet and being featured in the Rolling Stone of last year. She and her sister Dakota have caused quite an uproar in the US and even had to move to an other place when people started threatening them..
I wonder what scandalous things they did to earn so many haters!? There are some pretty pupertal and stupid videos on youtube of the two sister speaking bad about other people but it’s a little infantile to threaten and hate them because of that I think!!?

Kota Koti is getting famous for her YouTube videos featuring hair tutorials and outfits while looking like a real life doll.. No wonder that Japan is showing huge interest in her! Earlier this month, she made her debut on Japanese TV, which showed one of her cute YouTube videos and a Japanese talent agency even signed her. Her pictures are currently appearing in magazines in China, South Korea and Japan. According to Japanese blogs however, she’s going to pursue a career in Japan. As she says in interviews with the Japanese media, she has had an interest in Japans since her childhood and also speaks fluently Japanese. (..at least that’s what she says..)

She’s wearing a lot of different Vivienne Westwood cardigans in her pictures and many of her hair styles feature the Harajuku eyeball bow.

She has changed a lot, don’t you think? I don’t know if she had surgery or whatever but in my opinion she’s just very skilled with makeup and photoshop. People though keep saying that she had a nose job..
So what do you think of her? Sure it’s kind of screwed up but I love it when the character of a person doesn’t match the look.. haha


PS: her blog: Kotakoti.com

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