Le Bunny Bleu

Hey there Bunnies!
Today’s post is about one of the cutest shoe brands I’ve ever seen!
“The blue bunny”

I hadn’t heard nor read about this brand until recently but I immediatley fell in love with their style. They describe themselves as “New York cool with a European twist” or also “Romantic vintage”.

They’re all totally adorable, don’t you think? But the bunny flats are my favourite! I like how there’s the bunny from their logo on almost all of their shoes. It’s simple yet so cute! The down side of pastel flats is that they quickly get dirty and that’s a real bummer for me because I don’t like to pay attantion… Anyway, they’re so perfect for spring and summer but I guess I’ll wait for the actual S/S 2013 collection.

The ones with the metal bunny look a lot like Tory Burch flats but the bunny is so much more whimsical. :tanoshii: It’s still kind of stylish and clean because the bunny is geometric and not too babyish.
Apparently the brand is kind of popural in in Korea, Japan and China and I’ve seen many Asian girls on the internet, wearing them. But I keep asking myself why they’re not as popular in Europe!?
They have different stores in East Asia and in the US but only one in Europe and it’s located in the UK. (lucky ladies :on: ) Of course you can still shop online and I think they ship worldwide.

I dont wear a lot of heels so I didn’t miss them while browsing their website. If they designed a pair of cute bunny heels though, I would obviously love them. :klimper: So… what do you think, do you like them? I posted only pictures of their F/W 2013 collection but there are many more styles.

Check out their website here: Le Bunnys :jumpingrabbit:


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