Let’s be Mermaids

Summer is over or is it really?
Some part for me in longing for morning fog and rime but the other half is looking forward to some beautiful golden October days.
Not so long ago I was swimming in the Ligurian sea without worrying what to wear or where to go because there’s only one option when you live by the ocean, go to the beach!

waveyme arashihiscala2
When we arrived at the public beach the few guests were just about to leave because it started raining so we decided to have a sandwich at the bar just above the sea while waiting for the rain to pass. Normally I’d go to the beach that is right in front of the house but that day we escaped the crowds by visiting this isolated beach for the first time.

On one side of the beach there’s a fence enclosing a rundown pier but on the other side of that pier there’s another small beach so we couldn’t help but trespassing to see what’s on the other side. It’s actually the private beach of a retirement home and there were sunshades and beach chairs but it looked kinda spooky that day also because the place was deserted at that time and the access coming from the street is a dark tunnel with an elevator at the end. It felt like the perfect movie set for a Horror movie. There were even surveillance cameras so we left that area just to be shooed away shortly after by some guy we hadn’t seen.

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I’m not sure whether to call this an outfit post because there’s not much to show you. I was wearing a dress of my grandmother with navy Superga and a straw tote. It’s a very Italian look I think but I kind of like it since it reminds my of her. The Bikini I’m wearing is from this summer’s swimwear collection by Philippe Matignon and my sister chose it for me. She has a good eye and I even got some compliments on it. The only flaw is that the material is rather delicate and that wouldn’t be a problem if your main activity is sunbathing but I tend to go all out when I’m at the sea so the fine lace net already tore a little. But hey, you’re supposed to have fun while at the beach, right? And after all I really think one can’t have enough bikinis so I’m looking forward to next year’s swimwear collections.

mermeinf arashihairdu merme1 umidame
Swimwear has always felt normal to me as during my early childhood I spent a lot of time at the beach and we had swimming classes in primary school. Even during my teenager years when I had an awkward body shape I wouldn’t feel terribly uncomfortable wearing a bikini and never thought about hiding my body while at the beach. I’m so grateful for that because I know that many women suffer from not liking their body and therefor refuse to go to a pool or beach. It’s not that I don’t have any body issues at all but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying the summer season in whatever style I like and feel comfortable with. Life is too short to bother about what people with other beauty standards may or may not think of you.

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