Nekochan’s Pirate Treasure

I think I’ve never showed you a picture of my room or other personal things but there’s always a first time. I hope you’ll enjoy it! :whistle:
What do you do when you’re on holidays but it’s cold and rainy outside? Well you could go to the mall and do some shopping or watch a movie at the cinema but I decided to fulfill one of the points I mentioned in my Summer To Do List and tidied up my dresser. Not the things that are inside the dresser but the things that are on top of it. I use the surface as an additional shelf space for my girly stuff, namely jewellery, nail polish and hairbands but also decorative things such as stones, shells, boxes and other stuff. :bling:

I always start doing such things on impulse so I dodn’t think about doing a before/after shoot but I tried something with the settings of the cam a few days ago and luckily took a random picture of my drawer. I’m so excited guys!! I’ve never shown such personal things on my blog.. :oh:
It’s funny to see them here!
The drawer was so full with weird things that didn’t belong there! I used it as an opportunity to throw away many beauty things I would never use again in my life.. It feels so good! :aiyo:

What kind of yewellery do you like? Do you also prefer silver over gold? For me a necklace, bracelet, ring or pendant should be something unique that nobody else has. I’ve always liked my jewellery because for me every piece has its history and meaning. Most of the things you see are presents I got from my mother over the years. There are many necklaces I didn’t like at all when I got them as a present but I usually started to love every single one of them after one or two years. :tongue:

As you can see, I definitely prefer silver over gold and my collection is rather unusual.. :miam: It’s not very girly at all and I think it incorporates my character pretty well. Did you think I had pink bows and glitter everywhere? *nyahahaha*
Well, I kind of found a new category to write about: personal stuff
The only thing is, that there is only a limited amount photo worthy stuff but I’m looking forward to my next personal stuff entry nevertheless.. :totorosmile:
Perfumes, nail polishes, cosmetics or shoes.. we’ll see! I hope I can make a Bento this week but if not, I’ll surprise you with something else!

Stay tuned Lovelies!

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