Ninja Bento & Mayoi Neko Cosplay

Hello everyone! How is life treating you? :twinkles:
Spring has pretty much arrived and you can see crocuses and snowdrops popping out everywhere! Last weekend the Japan Impact convention took place in Lausanne. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend it this year. I totally forgot that it takes place that early in February! The Polymanga howevere, an other Swiss convention, takes place on the weekend of easter and is also in Lausanne so I can’t wait to go there! A few days ago I ordered a new cosplay costume that I absolutely want to show you. :raburabu:
I’m going to play Fumino Serizawa (the girl on the left) from Mayoi Neko Overrun 迷い猫オーバーラン!

But first, let me show you my newest Bento! I haven’t made any Bento recently because I was on holiday but since school started again and Silvakun resumed his Japanese studies I’m back in Bentoland again! :miam: It’s pretty stupid, I know, but I’m always embarrassed when eating a Bento at school because it causes so much attention and I don’t like to be stared at while eating. But since Silvankun isn’t embarrassed to eat Bento in his Japanese classes, (actually au contraire, he can’t wait to *awww* everyone with it..) I’m going to make the cutest Bento for him! :blinkheart: This time it was a Ninja Bento… :totorosmile:

I didn’t want to make it too girly and I think I succeeded. I saw the Ninja idea while googling Bento pics quite some time ago but I always wanted to try it once! There are Ninjas made of egg but also made of rice. I was too lazy to form rice so I simply used a hard-boiled egg and wrapped Nori around it. In the right tire there are mini skewers with chicken, bell pepper and zucchini. To give it a little bit of contrast and also because it tastes so good I added some feta cheese cubes, rocket and white sesame. :kitsune:

To see more Bento pics and to get a sneak peek at the new cosplay costume I ordered, read on!

Do you want to know, how I decided on my next cosplay? :ohnoo:
Usually I visit the site Anime Characters Database and enter search criteria like hair color, lenght and eye color. Since I don’t want to wear a wig, I try to find characters whit blondish hair. If a hardcore cosplayer is reading this now, pleeeease don’t be shocked! hahaha! I know that for most cosplayer it’s about cosplaying a character they love and know for a long time but it’s difficult for me to play a Naruto or a Ruffy! Unfortunately the Anime Character Database filters also characters from Ecchi/Hentai games so it’s really though to find a girl with blond hair and school uniform that is not featured in one of the thousands of pervert games. :tongue: Anyway, this time I was lucky! Since they have an “ecchi filter” now that makes it possible to show only “normal” characters and not porno girls I found my new cosplay character pretty soon! The Anime is too cute and I’m so happy to have found it! There are only 13 episodes and I already watched them all. :crying:

The character I want to cosplay is called Serizawa Fumino, goes to school and works part time in a patisserie. She can get very angry and always says “Die twice already!” when someone bothers her. What I like about their costumes is obvious, isn’t it? I love school and Maiko uniforms and this cosplay features both! And I like that she wears black tights instead of white ones. Sure it would be cool to once wear something like an armour but I feel comfortable in school uniforms and they’re much easier to store and to combine with something else for everyday use!
Nough said! See for yourself! :happy:

It’s cuuute isn’t it?! :happy: source

I’ll be back soon! Have a sunny weekend everyone!

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