October at a glance

Hey there Readers :on:
We’re in the middle of November now but I have quite a lot of images I took during October and that I would like to share with you. October has been quite an eventful month with lots of yummy food, family and friends. I had my graduation ceremony, got a lot of pretty things, didn’t celebrate Halloween and already enjoyed snow! :catexclam:

View from the kitchen’s balcony

It’s hard to believe that the images above were taken in the same month, isn’t it? While at the beginning of October the weather was sunny and so warm that I felt the urge to go swimming, the second half was cold and brought the first snow of this year. I prefer snow over rain so I was happy about the snow-covered trees and roofs even if it lasted only for a few days. Many branches of trees though, broke because of the heavy snow on top of the autumn foliage. :x:

The graduation dinner took place in a restaurant on the Uetliberg, a mountain from where you can see over the whole city of Zurich and even beyond. We had to walk for a few minutes through the snow-covered forest and I was only wearing my new, cream-colored cat flats without any socks… :jupp: nyahaha well I guess I learned my lesson but fortunately I didn’t get sick. It was strange and really nice at the same time seeing the people you’ve been together for the past two years at school in a totally different environment after some months. The beginning was a little stiff but after some wine it felt like we had never been apart. :miam:

Read on if you’re interested in more pictures~

Don’t ask… :tongue:

My (little) sister :klimper: She’s almost four years younger but everyone thinks she’s the older one :wink:

My BBF! We were invited and her boyfriend cooked the most delicious Risotto I’ve ever had!

I know, the pictures have little to do with one another (except for the fact that they were all taken during the last month) and the atmosphere is varies a lot but I’m happy I could finally incorporate a part of all the pictures I wanted to show you in one single post. :bang: I think I’ve never shared such personal images before but I felt like doing so today. :smile: So now you’ve got to know part of my family and friends! I hope my sister, classmates and best friend won’t get angry because I uploaded pictures of them… :etone: I miss you guys!!!

I’m off again because I have to study… If you wish more frequent updates check out my instagram account: ninnikuneko

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