Okinawa vol.1

Hello Beauties & Cuties :on:
I made it through my first week of university which was chaotic but fun. As I wrote in my previous entry today I would like to show you some photos I took over three years ago when I was in Japan. The photos a have slightly sad background story which I will tell you later on but I hope the quality is ok nevertheless.

When I think about Japan, the first thing I remember and miss are the people and nature. I’m not sure if I ever wrote about my stay in Japan but here we go~ let’s start with why I chose Japan…

I decided to go to Japan shortly before my final exams over three years ago. The reason was simple: I was cutting almost all the lessons and wasn’t well prepared enough to take my exams! The only way for me to escape the pressure and guilty conscience was to travel somewhere copletely new. I hadnt read a Manga nor wasnt I really allowed to watch Anime as a kid because my mother thought they were horrible and I had never eaten Sushi so I had all the reasons to visit this completely new country. Since I knew that I had to stay away for at least one year to really get to know a country and different lifestyle I didnt want to renounce security and a certain amount of infrastructure. So I could also have chosen Singapur, Taiwan or South Korea but Silvankun had just started with Japanology so that’s why on the 27th of August 2008 we left for Japan.

To see more pictures of Okinawa, read on~

The pictures above were taken on our one-day trip to Yubu– and Taketomijima in Okinawa, the most southern part of Japan. It was our last stage before flying back to Tokyo to take the plane back to Switzerland. Even if it was February the weather was sunny and warm and we enjoyed our last weeks exploring different islands.

The water between Iriomotejima and Yubujima is so shallow that you can easily walk across but most people use the water buffalo to save getting their feet wet… As we walked around the small island we discovered an enclosure with tiny boars and some of the young were dead! I know it sounds unbelievable and maybe it’s “normal” and there was nothing the keepers could do but I was shocked nevertheless. Anyway, there were great things all around the island and I had the best ice cream!!! Sake flavoured.. :nope: I loved it even if I don’t like the taste of alcohol.
I’m probably going to make an entry like this once a week and tell you some memories. So stay tuned for more remote spots of Japan!


PS: I forgot to tell you the sad story about these pictures! We stayed in Japan for six month and I had taken thousands of pictures… after two years or so we lost all of them. Fortunately I had posted some of them to fb but 90% were lost forever.
Pretty sad eh? Of course we tried EVERYTHING but no way… they were gone and with them my trust in digital photos. That’s why the size and quality of these pics is rather low! :bang:
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