Omusubi Bento

Hi there! :nekopaw:
As promised, here my latest Bento creation. Whant to know the difference between Onigiri and Omusubi? Well actually there isn’t one… :wink: I always thought that Onigiri were supposed to be smaller than Omusubi but apparently there’s no difference at all. Anyway, I filled this Bento with two large triangle-shaped rice balls. One is covered with a slice of smoked salmon and the other one has an Umeboshi (Japanese pickled plum, very salty and sour :tongue: ) in the middle. There’s also Ebi fry (fried prawn) but it gets a little lost with all the colorful vegetables.. they were yummy though!

The other tire contains Japanese potato salad with cucumber, boiled carrot and onion as side dish and a piece of molten chocolate cake garnished with cumquats & raspberries as dessert. I rarely think of a dessert when making a Bento but this little left over piece of chocolate seemed just so perfect!

Do you know Umeboshi? How do you like it? I like the more sour and natural colored ones but they don’t sell them anymore in our local Japanese store.. :nyan: The Onigiri wrapped in smoked salmon was ok but I prefere grilled salmon inside or mixed with the rice. As my grandmother is German, you can imagine how much I love German potato salad but I have to say that the Japanese version Obasan made for us when we were in Hokkaidō was also very good and Silvankun and I couldn’t get enough of it! It’s good to wrap a sheet of Nori around it and eat it as Temaki! :bling:

Sooo, that’s it for now! I’m off to the countryside again to start focussing on my studies. I still have tons of books to read so I’m afraid I will have to slow down with blogging a little bit until the end of August. haha..yes, it’s as serious as it sounds but I’m sure that if I start learning really hard now I should have to make it…!!! :w: I hope you guys are having a great summer and experiencing the time of your life! Can’t wait to be back in autumn and continue spamming..!! :rabukuma: and I promise that I will try to keep you up to date with some news out of my daily life as often as possible~

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I already miss you guys! :crying:

The usual suspects… artwork by Silvankun :happy:

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