Osaka, city of Neon

Hi there cutie pies!
Going through the pictures I took in Osaka was quite enjoyable because they’re all colorful with lots of illuminations and funky things to discover while in Zurich it’s raining cats and dogs right now. It’s not even winter and I’m so upset that there isn’t any snow!!!
Anyway, it’s a good day for blogging so here I am telling you about how amazing Osaka is.

There are many reasons why to love Osaka but the flashy neon signs and people and the irresistible food at every corner, is why I personally like to hang around in this city. In comparison to other cities the hotels and food are reasonable and it’s so funny and interesting how different the people in Osaka dress and behave from the people in Tokyo. It didn’t took me one day to adapt to the different style and company and before I even noticed, I was saying maido when entering a store and wearing sun glasses – at night!

Food is omnipresent in Osaka city and you can see people indulging in tasty street food, typically takoyaki (with octopus, hence the huge octopi signs) and okonomiyaki everywhere, especially in the Dotonbori. The people are less reserved and quite talkative and it’s easy to get involved in an interview by university students or even in a nice chat with old ladies and friendly workers who will offer you to drink beer with them. Of course the food is delicious but still, my favourite takoyaki place is in Tokyo! What I couldn’t get enough of though, is hot choux pastry and oden, that’s basically daikon radish, (fish-)tofu, fried tofu pouches filled with cabbage and rice cake, sausages, eggs and other things that are simmered in broth and you can choose what you like out of a hot pot.

We went eating Yakiniku twice and I already miss it so much here in Switzerland! Everyone who’s been in Japan knows that Japanese meat is unbeatable and I would do anything to have a little piece of wagyu in my mouth right now. You get your own table with a grill in it and get to choose many different sorts of meat and veggies. I love meat like seriously so much that this was paradise for me.

Osaka is also great for shopping! Since I sent back home too many of my clothes, I was happy to find a forever21 store and an UG after wearing the same outfits again and again on our road trip through Kyushu. The most amazing store was a huge second-hand store called Big Step located in a huge complex in Ame Mura (american village) with literally every style, print and color you could imagine. Ame mura is called like this because the area contains a lot of stores with imported American clothes and there’s a lot of youth culture going on there.

Kushikatsu! deep fried veggies with crispy batter – so hot but delicious!
…a slightly sweaty neko..

Now the sun has come out and the day has actually become a beautiful sunny day so I’m off to get some sun for my awfully pale skin! Osaka was definitely worth it and while scrolling through the pictures I remember how it smelled and what sounds there were. I love this city and always will. Maybe because it’s very different from all the usual “Japanese” you see in other cities but maybe also because it’s super easy to have a blast there and there’s also a proverb that goes like the following: Dress till you drop in Kyoto, eat till you drop in Osaka (京の着倒れ、大阪の食い倒れ). Kuidaore (食い倒れ) roughly means to ruin oneself by extravagance in food.

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