OSMness Blog Award

Hey there Cuties! :on:
I know I wrote that I wouldn’t be able to blog until my exams are over but yesterday something incredibly cute happened! It made me smile for a whole day because it was so totally unexpected and sweet.

I got awarded with the OSMness blog award by :twinkles: Gretch :twinkles: ! It feels so good that someone actually took the time to draw such a cute a manga portrait of me! She didn’t only design a blog award for nekoblog but also for many other bloggers as well! Take a look at all the lovely designs~ :bling:

Thank you Gretch for this amazing piece of art! You’re so talanted and I would love to see many more of your tablet drawings. It was a secret wish of mine to have a manga portrait of me drawn by someone and you made this dream come true. I’m not even sure if I deserve it since nekoblog has been lacking posts in the recent weeks but I feel so honoured. :tanoshii:
It’s moments like these that make me want to go on with blogging and make me feel rewarded for all the time and heart I put in this hobby!

I will give my best to live up to this awesomness you regarded me with! :flyusagi: And congratulations to all the other lucky bloggers! I’m off again to study land in study mood but I’ll be back as soon as the holidays begin. Promised!

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