Panda Obento

This morning I suddenly felt the urge to make an Obento. Maybe I was hungry because I had only, well let’s say “pretty disgusting”, chicken-flavoured cup noodles for dinner. To be honest, they were so bland that I didn’t even finish them. I’m not a fan nor an expert of cup noodles but since I was alone and too lazy to cook something for myself, I decided to pick up a cup. The best and well only cup noodles I had before were called にんにく ラーメン. Instant Ramen with a lot of roasted garlic slices :totorosmile: Even if instant they were delicious!

Anyway, this morning it was already so cold outside that I wasn’t in the mood for my usual muesli with cold yoghurt and fruits. Instead I was craiving for steaming, sticky and hot white rice. I know it seems akward to some of you to eat rice for breakfast but I can assure you that it’s as normal as eating bread. It’s really no big deal!! Sure, often it’s not only rice you eat but also other things like a piece of fish, a miso soup and pickled vegetables but that makes the plain white rice taste so good! I don’t remember having ever had problems with eating rice and fish for breakfast. In fact I think I immediately fell in love with it and quickly got used to it. The first few months back in Switzerland we still used to eat rice and miso soup for breakfast! (sometimes even fish..I think our former french housemate must have felt pretty alienated.. :nope: ). Why am I writing about breakfast?! Oh yes, because it was breakfast time when I suddenly felt the urge to make this Panda Obento:

They’re actually quite easy to make! Form the rice with wet hands into a cylindar with rounded down ends, cut out a long “stripe” of Nori (seaweed) and put it around the cylindrically shaped rice ball. Make sure not to cut out a too long stripe of seaweed for it doesn’t need to embrace the whole diameter of the rice ball! The two end of the stripe should be cut out roundish to look like paws. I used pickled, pink ginger to give them rosy cheeks.

for the ingredients and more pictures read on!

Ingredients: short-grain rice, nori, salad, tomatoes, tamagoyaki, shiitake, country ham, cucumber, red currant, pickled ginger, korean kimchi and coconut balls
by the way, the original idea is from here! stay tuned for more!

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:
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