Raintroopers – a dripping wet Lolita meeting

Hello Everyone! :ballerina:
After three days of gloomy and cold weather the sun is finally shining again! The Lolita meeting on sunday took place in the wonderful surrounding of the castle of Lenzburg. I’ve been there when I was a little child and loved the dragon they had! When I went to take a look at it on sunday though, I was surprised by how tiny he actually is! But he’s still cute.. :miam:
I’m looking forward to the next Loli meeting! I would rather wear something else though! :ghihi: The dress was so cute but it was kind of small and my hair was a mess! I’m really not used to the Lolita style.. :crying:

look at that scary man looking outside the window! :oh:

We were about 15 people but with all that chaos going on I managed to take pictures of only a few of them. Initially we thought that there would be a real photographer but he didn’t come so I felt kind of responsable for taking good pictures of that special meeting! :ohnoo:

:twinkles: Kandee Gore & Laurita :twinkles: visit their lovely blogs by clicking on their names!

As you can see, the lighting was really bad so the picture came out rather grainy and dark but I like how the bright colors of the Lolita outfits stand out! The pink of Laurita’s dress and Kandee’s red hair look amaizing~ :bling:

I love her Alice dress! She did it herself and I asked her if she could sew me a dress because I really would love to have one cute Loli dress! :blinkheart:

It was so much fun taking pictures under the pouring rain with all the laughing Lolitas and I admire them for their toughness! The only problem was that my cam had raindrops on the lens and I always had to wipe them off because it would make the picture blurry.. :nope:

To see more Lolita pictures, read on!

It looks so realistic, don’t you think? :bang:

That’s it for now ladies! If you wonder where my pictures is than you’ll have to wait for a little bit longer! I didn’t feel very comfortable and the few pics there are, are rather embarrassing so no picture of me! Laurita :swirlheart: said she has a few cute pics though so maybe I’ll upload one in a later entry.
Saturday I went for some shopping and found so many cute things!! Can’t wait to share it with you guys in my next entry! :aiai:

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