Rilakkuma Inarizushi

:hirabbit: Hey Everybody! Although I’m not the biggest Rilakkuma fan I immediately fell in love with his eatable version.
Inari Zushi is a slightly sweetened, deep fried tofu-pouch filled with Sushi rice. In Japan they say that Abura Age is the favourite food of foxes (Kitsune). For example there is also an Udon dish called Kitsune Udon because the topping is Abura Age. The Japanese Goddess of rice is called Inari and closely connected to foxes therefore the name of this Sushi is Inari.

Rilakkume Inari

If you want to do them yourself here is what you need:


  • Sushi rice
  • Sushi vinegar
  • Abura Age (deep fried and lightly sweetened tofu pouches)
  • Nori (seaweed)
  • Cheese singles
  • Ham

  • Separate the two layers carefully and fill the pouches with rice.

    The Abura Age pouches used for the Inari Zushi are packed in a sweet liquid and should first be dried a little with kitchen paper. Usually they’re cut in a half so that one side is open and you can fill in the rice between the two thin layers. There is frozen Abura Age that you first have to sweeten yourself by putting it in a pan with water and sugar and let it simmer until the whole water has evaporated and repeat this step several times, but for me this methode is too time-consuming.

I used this cutter to form his snout but there is no limit to your imagination! If you haven’t got a cutter like this one find anything else with a roundish shape (you can use the cap of a bottle) and trim the slice of cheese until the cheese has the shape you want. At worst you have to cut the cheese freehand with a knife .. I’m sure it will still look good!

I used a hole punch to cut the Nori for the eyes and the nose.

For the ears I used the same cutter as for the snout but you can use any round-shaped cutter! Apply a round piece of Nori and two stripes on the cheese-snout and the half moon-shaped ham on the two upper corners of the filled pouch. Place the snout together with the Nori eyes in the middle of the pouch.

I hope you enjoy this cute edible Rilakkuma! The idea is from Anna the Red

byebye ねこちゃん :ichikeki:

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