Shibuya 109 – Gyaru paradise

Hey there pumpkins!
Christmas is over and I’m finally taking some time to update you with the promised post about Shibuya 109. I hope you all are having a wonderful holiday with lots of yummy treats and love. I spent the last few days with the family and um.. so much food!

Shibuya 109 (ichi-maru-kyu) is a cylincrid-shaped department store located at the famous crossroads of Shibuya. It exclusively has stores for women but there’s the counterpart to it for men’s clothing on the other side of the street. The makeup department was pretty cool but then again, every makeup store is awesome in Japan. The clothing departments on the other hand were not my style. Like totally not mine at all but I enjoyed strolling around that spiral of small and crazy stores with the very flashy and almost plastic looking staff.

Although I didn’t see a lot of things I would personally wear, it was fun getting a look at so many different gyaru styles. The clothes range from girly to elegant and even punk. I’m not exactly sure what age range the shops are addressed to but in Japan it’s difficult to tell how old people are and I think that there are also many women in their thirties who come here to shop. I doubt that many tourists actually buy clothes here but there were also many cute items, makeup and a yummy bubble tea shop which I definitely enjoyed a lot. :bling:

You aren’t really allowed to take pictures but the staff didn’t care too much and even if they did, most of them wouldn’t want to come to you and speak English. But they were all super nice and in awe of my modest Japanese skills. The store which I enjoyed the most and even got a few things from was the LDS (love drug store). Plushie cat handbags, unicorn sneakers and capes, they had everything I hoped to see and even more.

I hope you enjoyed the virtual shopping tour! I know it’s a lot of pictures and there are so many more to come. :jupp: As it looks I’m going to tell you of my two months long stay in Japan backwards so I think the next entry will already be about Osaka and what else could it be? …lots of shopping and eating.
Stay warm my lovelies and see you soon. :on:

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