Stuffed bell pepper Bento

Why hello there pumpkins! :hello:
Remember how I wanted to post more Bento in the past but couldn’t make time for it? Well, now it’s kind of the opposite. I’m always a little short on money so bringing my lunch with me to uni or on a day trip seems to be a pretty smart thing to do. Although maybe I should just start looking for a little job too…
Anyway, this Bento was quickly done because I had some leftover food from the night before.

Bento for Silvankun & me

I hadn’t tried stuffed bell peppers in a while but these turned out so yummy! They were all juicy and tasty and that was good because the rice was a little dry. Also, there are octopus weiners, steamed green beans with goma and for dessert an apple bunny with a sakura mochi~ I can’t get enough of their smell and texture but sometimes they’re almost a little too sweet for my taste.
Preparing two or more Bento at the same time isn’t necessarily more time consuming or difficult and it’s actually fun to see such an amount of coolorful boxes in the end.

The rice was decorated with and umeboshi (pickled plum) some nori stripes to make it look like a hinomaru (sun-mark flag) I only learned recently that this version is the military flag of Japan!
In the end I wanted to wrap it in the furoshiki I used in the pictures but unfortunately I didn’t really had the time to watch or read a tutorial on how to fold the cloth so it turned out kind of freestyle.

Today is Ascension Day and therefore I’m free from uni! I can’t believe that it’s only three more weeks until the summer vacation starts. As you can imagine though, I have the usual studying marathon to do starting this weekend..
But there’s still one no two, or is it three? ..more things I would really like to show you before I go on my short hiatus! ..
Stay tuned for more~

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