Tampopo and the road to perfect Ramen



Yesterday we watched one of our favorite movies again. A movie about food in its ever so tempting, mouth-watering, vicious, titillating, or crude aspects. I don’t know if there is any other movie you can compare it with. As the title already reveals I’m talking about Jūzō Itami’s Tampopo. The main story is about a single mother named Tampopo who inherited her deceased husband’s Ramen shop. One day a hungry truck driver who seems to know a far bit of how Ramen should taste, stops at her Ramen shop. On the very same evening he gets involved in a fist fight with other guests of her restaurants because of his protective sentiments towards this delicate woman and her child. The next day she is showing her gratitude by serving him breakfast. The truckdriver whose name is Goro is positively surprised about her pickles but when Tampopo’s son changes the subject to her Ramen-cooking-skills he falters.. Somehow the opinion of this decent truckdriver is important to Tampopo and she instinctively knows that she could learn a lot from him. So as he intends to leave for his trail she asks him to teach her how to cook good Ramen. Kind as he is he agrees.

This is one of my favorite scenes. The old master explains how to eat Ramen…


Jewels of fat glittering on the surface.

Shinachiku roots shining.

Seaweed slowly sinking.

Spring onions floating.


The old man bit some Shinachiku root and chewed it for awhile.
Then he took some noodles.
Still chewing noodles, he took some more Shinachiku.
Then he sipped some soup.
Three times.
He sat up…

The movie has also some very humoristic side stories. I’m not going to spoil them for you,  just watch the film. It’s all very japanese :ghihi:
Of course we couldn’t resist trying to cook Ramen afterwards. We prepared a real roast (with an explosion) and let the soup simmer for quite some time by skimming off the scum and fat all the time..unfortunately we didn’t get a pig’s head :nope: but it still turned out fairly authentic :balloonpanda:.
I will upload some pictures later on.
byebye  ねこちゃん
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