Temari Bento

After the last messy update with lots of pictures I’m back to the roots again. I have to admit that I made this Bento over a month ago and originally it was thought to be the “entrance” for my food and Bento only blog “Nekobento” but since I have no time to even update this blog regularly I will continue with posting my Bento here. I wanted to keep it simple and traditional so I made roundshaped Onigiri and decorated them with different toppings such as seaweed, sesame and Shiso leaves.

Temari Bento

It’s called Temari Bento because the round-shaped Onigiri reminded me of colorful fabric balls called Temari. Originally they were made of old Kimono fabric and mothers used to work in a small piece of paper with a goodwill wish for their children. Over the years they became more and more elborated with the functional stitching becoming more decorative and detailed, until the balls displayed intricate embroidery. I wouldn’t call the decoration I made for these Onigiri complicated but it’s the first time I actually made round Onigiri and not triangular-saped ones. I think round Onigiri are more suitable for complex and precise work because the surface that looks upwards is much larger so I will definitely incorporate more of these in my future Bento!

In the other container there are chicken nuggets, Edamame, Renkon (lotus root), simmered carrots, cucumber and a little bit of fried egg plant. Before eating the Onigiri I added a little bit of soy sauce but that’s all. I used yellow Takuan (pickled raddish) to add an extra pop of color in the Onigiri container. Simple but very effective and tasty!

That’s eat for now. I really want to update at least once a week but I have papers to hand out and presentations to finish and the deadline is coming closer and closer… I haven’t been the most diligent student so as usual I have to finish many things in a hurry.

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