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Hello there People of the Blogosphere & Random Passengers! :flyusagi:
Have you ever felt like blogging was a complete waste of time? Right now I’m feeling a lot like this and it’s funny that I’m writing about this today because some days ago I actually thought is something I would never write about. I’ve never been totally sure about in which direction to go with my blog but what I know is that after three years of blogging I pretty much lost my appetite for it. Nekoblog has always been a mix between somewhat informative entries and personal entries. Its the personal part where I’m having more and more difficulties to identify myself with what I write. During the last two years and now evermore I keep asking myself if it’s worth having a blog where you only partially share who you are. If I had a purely informative blog I would only worry about a professional way of writing but since my blog isn’t only informative but also personal I needed to ask myself this question. What exactly do I want to contribute and show of myself and what do I expect?

When I started blogging, the only personal and Japan related blogs I knew were all “kawaii” but I honestly dont like rilakkuma and all the gyaru magazines out there make me sick. I prefere black and red over pink and I’m totally not into glitter, sparkle and all the rest of that girly stuff. Fake however is what I dislike most. If I think about all the entries I wrote with a slight feeling of being fake, it makes me sad. There are times, especially when you start your first blog even if you’ve never even read one, where you want to gain readers and especially commenters at any cost. Or at least that’s how I felt… So I started looking around in the blogosphere and what I saw were blogs where people displayed what they’ve bought from which store. Outfits of the day, circle lenses, lolitas, false lashes, tons and tons of makeup were and still are the hot topics of the (especially Asian) blogosphere. I ordered my first (and only) pair of circle lenses, made kyaraben (because in the kawaii blogosphere everything has to be cute), posted what makeup and clothes I bought and hoped to be kawaii enough to be accepted in the Asian blogosphere.

Obviously I wasn’t. My eyes can’t stand lenses, I feel like a clown when wearing falsies or a lolita dress and most important, Im not Asian. Of course I like experimenting with all those different trends but having to keep everything “Asian” and cute all the time is definitely not something I want. Arent there other aspects of Asia, respectively Japan worth looking into? Does it always have to be rilakkuma, hello kitty, falsies, lenses & co.?
What I want instead is a witty written blog with personal but from time to time also informative entries and cool photographs. I dont want to keep everything boring and formal just to be accepted by everyone because I’ll never fit in anywhere anyway. I’m a Swiss blogger writing in a foreign language and inspired by a country I’ve been for six months. Pretty strange or isn’t it?

I want to tell you more about who I really am. I’m nekochan and truly into and fond of Japanese culture but I’m also Alice (short name given by a few good friends) with a lot of other interests besides Japan. I’m not turning my back on Japanese culture in fact I’m doing the exact opposite. I’m turning my back on everything superficial and mainstream that comes with that huge Asia hype that is reigning the blogosphere.
Before the hatred against me starts I would like to pick out a few blogger which I truly enjoy and who inspired me to at least keep a little bit of trueness on this blog.

:twinkles:Maisy, Melludee, Ang & Filo:twinkles:

What they have in common is that I actually read their entries and smile while doing so because no matter what they write about it’s always fresh and never repetitive nor superficial. And yes, they wear falsies and circle lenses and some of them have tons of makeup but it’s about how you present it and what you do with it! Shouldn’t blogging be something creative?

I hope no one gets offended by something I wrote in this entry. If I did offend you, please feel free to share your opinion. I know that I have trustworthy commenters and readers and I didn’t want to hurt none of you! Every single comment of you is appreciated and makes me want to blog even more.

PS: Thank you maisy for sharing your honest post! I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling a little fake :nope: and I’m looking forward to more of your entries!
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