The Carnival of Basel

:hirabbit: I’m back already!
My last exam (art) was on monday in Basel, the third most populous city in Switzerland. Basel is known for its chemical industry but also for its hilarious carnival that takes place annually between February and March. This year the date of the Carnival of Basel which lasts three days, coincided with the last day of my exams so I took it as an opportunity to attend this colorful and impressive event. Although it’s quite famous also in foreign countries and it takes less than an hour to go from Zurich to Basel by train, I’ve never been to the Basler Fasnacht!
But first Silvankun and I went to a Kaiten Sushi place! I wasn’t thrilled the first time I ate at one of these restaurant in Zurich but I was pleasantly surprised this time! Everything tasted fresh and the consistency of the fish was more than acceptable.

Ususally I’m too embarrassed to take pictures in a restaurant but this time I did it! :tongue:

I didn’t had my cam with me so I had to use my phone.. I couldn’t bring myself to upload blurred mobile-pics so I added a filter! I know it’s kind of weird but I think you’ll get a good impression of the event nevertheless! :totorosmile:

My favourite Nigiri zushi are Salmon, Maguro (but only the real fatty one! :nope: ), Hamachi, Sanma and Saba. Unfortunately they had only two of my favourites!

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