The Five Fives

Hey Everybody out there! How was your week ? I’ve been diligently making Obentos and reading about them and have systematically been postponing my studying schedule. Stupidly I now will have to repeat the whole semester’s matter in one week..:newbuddy: While surfing through the Internet I came across something that is called the Five Fives. Basically it’s about how a traditional Japanese Obento or meal should be composed. In my recent Obento I’ve tried to implement some of the five rules mainly the one about the colors.


  • GOSHIKI ~ five colors (Incorporate at least five colors)
    • – Aka (red) or orange
    • – Kiiro (yellow)
    • – Ao (green/blue)
    • – Kuro (black) or also purple and brown
    • – Shiro (white)

  • GOHO ~ five methods (Incorporate five different cooking methods)
    • – Musu (steam)
    • – Yaku (grill)
    • – Niru (simmer)
    • – Ageru (fry)
    • – Tsukuru (create) arranging the Obento
    • You can use many other methods such as boiling, baiking, toasting, or leave it raw

  • GOMI ~ five flavors
    • – Shiokarai (salty)
    • – Suppai (sour)
    • – Amai (sweet)
    • – Nigai (bitter)
    • – Karai (spicy)

  • GOKAN ~ five senses
    • – Miru (sight)
    • – Kiku (hearing)
    • – Kaku (smell)
    • – Ajiwau (taste)
    • – Fureru (touch)

  • GOKAN NO MON ~ five outlooks and viewpoints
    • – Feel sincere gratitude towards the people or person who prepared the meal.
    • – Perform deeds and have thoughts worthy of receiving such nourishment.
    • – Eat with no ire (anger).
    • – Realize that eating this food is feeding the soul as well as the body.
    • – Be seriously engaged on the road to enlightenment.
    • These last points are somewhat unusual for us but I think they have strong effects if followed.

Although it’s not totally easy to create a meal according to the first four rules it’s a great experience eating it! I don’t have or won’t take the time to follow all of them every time I prepare a Japanese meal but I will definitely try to incorporate as many of these guidelines as possible.


byebye ねこちゃん:lipstick:
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