The sweet week

Hey there!
long time no see, eh?
Looks like I got caught up in too much school work or so.
I’m honestly quite fed up with uni and am thinking about changing my major and to work for one year. I would love to do something else than school for a change. I’ve never really worked except for those three months in a sushi restaurant which were intense. I kind of fired myself because I didn’t like it how some girls had to start crying because of the boss’s harsh words (all in Japanese).

Besides unlikeable uni life I’ve been pretty much erm.. doing nothing? I know I’ve been whining about this enough but what’s wrong with this year’s summer?! The public swimming pools are open but people walk around in rain boots and warm clothes… and I’m wearing a woolen jumper and tights as I’m writing this post. I started writing this entry about three weeks ago but it’s still cold most of the days!!

Let’s move on to the real reasons for this blog entry: I entered Glam Chic & Bold‘s giveaway and won a really cute tote bag from Kiehl’s + got a parcel full with Japanese snacks from the brand new online store! Thank you to both of you~ You totally made my week!

I was layzing around as ususal when I came up with the great idea to try all the snacks at the same time. As you can see I was still wearing the apron from making lunch so I wasn’t really hungry but craving for something sweet so Silvan had to eat all the ones I didn’t like so much while I was looking for the sweet ones.

My favourite were the Caramel corn and the chocolate mochi. I know, I was supposed to like the salty ones better but nah.. I hope the store will continue importing even more snacks and cute things!

I rarely enter giveaway, I think I entered one or two since I started blogging but when I saw this cotton bag with the whimsical scribble I just had to give it a try and oh wonder, it worked! The bag came with different samples and I already tried most of them. The BB cream didn’t work at all for me, the color was way too dark and my face started shining and was all greasy but I loved the “Ultra facial cream” and the “Fig Leaf & Sage body lotion” which smells divine!

So, that’s it for today. Honestly, I didn’t even think that I would make it to write an entry before my stay in Italy but then I thought what the heck and just started writing…

I feel so guilty for not updating in two months and I really have no excuse for it, but the longer you wait, the harder it gets to start again.
Thanks again to Rafael & Melody for giving me a pleasant reason to blog! :wink:
If you follow my instagram account you may already know that I’m going to stay on a beautiful and tiny island in the Mediterranean sea for the next two week and I’m probably not going to have a lot of internet there.
In this sense, aloha Reasders! I’ll be back with lots of pictures and new blogging energy!

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