Trees amongst giants

Hey there cutie pies!
It’s suddenly friday again and I finally felt like blogging.. or doing something in general. I’m off to Italy for a few days but I wanted to update you guys with some impressions of Tokyo.
Not sure if I’m going to blog about the events chronologically but it pretty much looks like I’m going to start from the latest events. At the beginning I thought that nine days in Tokyo would kill me. The hotels and youth hostels were all booked out and we didn’t have a lot of money left but the days flew by in an instant and despite the fact that we had to change hotel every three days, I was sad to leave Japan.

The people in Tokyo are very polite and cosmopolitan and there hasn’t been one single place or moment of awkwardness. Except maybe for those moments when we had to take the subway with our humongous amount of luggage but I think that throughout time, we learned how to handle that quite elegantly. People sometimes stare at you in different ways and school kids will most likely giggle and say “herooo!” (like in “hello”) to you and even if I stuck my tongue out at them because I was feeling exeptionally mature, they yelled “kawaiii“. That was quite puzzling and frustrating since I sometimes tried to be rude on purpose but I guess it was okay and we sometimes even had a chat with them. :iida:

Believe it or not, but I didn’t spend everyday shopping and on one of those days I needed some green space so we went to the Hamarikyu Gardens, a vast public park that is surrounded by seawater of the Tokyo Bay. We walked for quite some time and enjoyed the view of the trees finally starting to change color, people eating their bento (lunch boxes) under a pavillon, interesting birds and all of this scattered on a green area between skycrapers and the ocean.

Korean Kimchi – so tasty!

We also spent one whole day in Korean town in Shin-okubo and I didn’t regret it because there was quite the different atmosphere there and I ate Korean hottoku for the first time. It was basically a long street with one cosmetics and K-pop shop after an other and supermarkets spread in between where you could try free kimchi and other Korean goods. It was really upsetting not being able to read anything that was written on the products and I wish I could read at least a tiny little bit Korean now. And… I definitely got a thing for Korean cosmetics and many things I tried out in normal Japanese stores turned out to be Korean.

We ate delicious things every day but the okonomiyaki restaurant on a stormy night was definitely a high light. Besides the standard batter you could choose to add various ingredients such as shrimps, pork, avocado, ginger, crisps etc. and then prepare it yourself on your table. It was definitely fun and the pancakes turned out so tasty! :tanoshii:
The eastern Japanese equivalent to okonomiyaki is monjayaki. Since I never tried it before, one of the chefs prepared it for us but I honestly didn’t know whether to laugh or cry because it looked and tasted quite erm… special? Definitely no match for okonomiyaki.
Yay! it’s only 10 am in the morning an I already managed to write about 550 words and attach a fload of images.
Next entry will be about infamous Shibuya 109 so get ready for tons of crazy stores and fashion inspiration.

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