Tuna-Mayo Onigiri in 5 Steps

Hello there! :hionigiri:
Have you ever tried making Onigiri? Since we’re eating Onigiri quite often and I really LOVE them, I’m now trying to show you step by step how I prepare them. They’re easy to make and oh so delicious, especially my beloved Tuna Mayo Onigiri.

The practical thing about them is that besides tasting great theyre convenient for taking along because you dont need any cuttlery and they can make a good meal even if enjoyed cold. If you keep them wrapped in plastic, they’re quite nice also the next day. Just wrap them in some plastic foil or put them in a box and they’re ready for the transport!

Ingredients for Tuna Mayo Onigiri
:sprout: Rice (short grained) :sprout: Tuna (canned) :sprout: Salt :sprout: Wasabi :sprout: Mayonnaise :sprout: Sushi vinegar :sprout: Nori

1. Wash the rice thoroughly until the water is clear. This step removes excess starch so your rice doesn’t turn into nasty glutinous slop. Then cook the rice with a rice cooker or in a pan. You can read how to cook rice without a rice cooker here: click
While waiting for the rice to be done, start with the Tunamayo filling.

2. Drain the canned tuna well and scramble it along with some mayonnaise in a bowl. How much mayo you use is basically completely up to you and your taste, but the texture shoud become flaky and creamy. You can use any mayonnaise you like, but if you have the chance to get Japanese mayo, use the original! There’s definitely a difference in the flavour. Add some Wasabi (powdered or out of the tube) if you like. I love it and I think that it gives the whole an exciting touch. The chive I used this time is optional but it tasted delicious!

Many recipes on the internet tell you to fill the Onigiri with whole pieces of canned tuna.. but trust me, the creamy version tastes much better!

3. When your rice is ready, it should be sticky. Add a small amount of Sushi vinegar and a little salt (it always depends on your taste and on the amount of rice.. so begin with a little and add some more if you think it needs more) and mix carefully. Let the rice breathe for some time.

4. Now it’s time to bring the rice into shape.

I usually make mine triangular-shaped or round and I mostly use molds to form the rice, but hand-shaped Onigiri are the best I think, so here is what you have to do… let the rice cool down so you can handle it with your hands. Your hands should always be wet when touching the rice or it will stick to your hands. If you prefer, you can salt the rice just now by adding a little salt to your wet hands before bringing the rice into shape. Take enough rice and roughly form a ball. Make a deepening in the middle of it with your thumb. Use a spoon to put some of the creamy Tunamayo in it and cover the whole with an other portion of rice. Now you can carefully start bringing that ball into the desired shape. Be patient, it needs some practicing! If you use a mold, here is what to do:
Fill the triangle or whatever half full with rice and make a deepening in the middle of the filled mold with a small, wet spoon. Now fill the deepening with some Tunamayo (if you fill in too much, the content will squeeze out on the sides when you press it..it’s nothing terrible but it won’t look perfect then.. :hehe: ). Cover the deepening with some more rice, place the upper part of your mold on it and press!

5. If you used a mold, remove the upper part of the mold, turn the mold and “shake” a little to make the triangle of rice fall out on a plate. Now use Nori (dried seaweed) to wrap the Onigiri!

You can also wrap your Onigiri entirely with a sheet of nori or use Shiso leaves (Japanese basil). If you use different fillings it’s clever to make an indentation on the top of your rice ball and fill it with the same filling that is inside of it, so later on you’ll know which Onigiri contains which filling. Cut out little mouths and eyes, stick them on the rice and your Onigiri will look as cute as a button! :klimper:


I hope you will try this recipe and if something isn’t clear, just ask me! I’m glad to answer any of your questions.

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