Umeda sky building

Oh hello there! :nekopaw:
While staying in Japan, it several times felt like a wish had come true. Some wishes were bigger and I think more difficult to realize (like actually walking on top of vocanoes) and others were totally random, material wishes. Many of them fulfilled themselves by accident just like the time when I discovered that I’m really fond of skyscrapers and got to see Osaka from above.

The purpose of our visit to Shin-umeda was originally the “Deutscher Weihnachtsmarkt” or German christmas market which is held yearly right at the foot of the Umeda Sky Building. I haven’t been on many skyscrapers before, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been in or on a seriously tall building at all except for the Tokyo tower a few years ago so the christmas market, as pretty and authentic it is, soon became secondary when I spotted the rising and simply fantastic looking buildings all around.

It was my bf who got the idea to go see the view from above and surprisingly I wasn’t afraid of the height at all (..still don’t like plane rides though). It felt so good to be that high above the city and to see the horizon and dramatic sky. After a lift ride we arrived on the top and there were heart shaped wishing boards where you could write down what you wish for. There was also a TV crew who got my bf to answer some questions and even wanted to look at “romantic” pics I took with my phone while on the building. I showed them a pic where we were both sticking out our tongues and they liked it. They said that many couples come here to celebrate their wedding and take pictures together and that it would represent a romantic place to be on such a day but I had to disagree on that. I much more had the feeling of freedom and um.. power? hrhrhr

Are skyscrapers a romantic place? I’m sure many of you are used to them but for me they’re fascinating because there aren’t many of them in Switzerland. I totally wouldn’t describe them as romantic though. :youreweird:
Sorry for this very geometric post.. The next entry is going to be a little more mixed again! Or maybe I’ll do a quick in between post about whatever else.

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