Uni-bento & life

Hello :nekopaw:
How was your weekend? Mine was quite tiring and I can’t believe that it’s already over. :ohno: The good thing is that my classes start only at noon. The East Asian history of art classes take place in the “Villa Schönberg“, a historic bakestone house build in 1886 that is located in the Rietpark, on a site of 17 acres. The Museum situated in the same park hosts the only art collection of non-European cultures in Switzerland. It’s quite nice walking to university in such a surrounding and a good change to the crowded main university building where I have my Japanese classes for example.

Villa Schönberg in Zurich

Institute for Art History

My humble attempts at Hiragana (平仮名).. ‘ka’ and ‘ko’ are so difficult!

The disadvantage of having classes in such a building is that the rooms are comparatively small so if you want to have a place at a table you have to be there really early.. Even if my main subject is history of art I feel like I have to do much more for my Japanese classes. That’s somehow logical since I not only have to learn the language but also about the history of this country. Whereas the language is definitely the tougher part. But it’s great how the classes necessarily correlate with each other. I’m a little scared of the huge amount of reading material though. :jupp:
On wednesday I brought along a Bento and ate it between the Japanese classes. For the first time I didn’t feel completely out of place while doing so!

The content was really simple but tasty and Silvankun & I devoured it in 10 mintues. We’re not in the same classes but often in the same building so we can have lunch together. :aiyo: I’m definitely going to make Bento more often since it’s way too expensive to eat there and I’m completely broke at the moment.

Although uni is much more intense than school and I feel like my life is going to be less varied than before… But I’ll try to keep you up to date as often as possible and can’t wait to share some autumnal inspiration with you guys~

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