Urban Alices & Snow Whites

Hello lovelies! :twinkles:
How did you spend your weekend? I felt a little tired so I didn’t do much (not even blog :sigh: ) but we visited the Christmas market in Konstanz which was lovely. The weather here is still way too warm for snow and I’m really missing it! What’s wrong this year?! You don’t even need a hat or gloves to go outside and the christmas decoration is pretty sparse so I don’t feel like christmas and festivities at all. Fortunately I don’t really mind since I have to study like hell until mid February. I still hope there is enough snow for snowboarding though.
Besides watching series and sleeping (yes I know, it was a rather unproductive weekend.. :oh: ) I spent my time creating sets on polyvore. The thing with polyvore is, that I can live without it for weeks but when it catches me I have to create several sets in a row because it’s so addicting! This time I wanted to create Disney character based looks. Totally childish and nerdy but I like how some of them turned out.

I definitely love this color combination. The skirt is just beautiful and the purse and the headband so adorable! I think it would look great with every hair color but I’m always doubtful about yellow on blondes. This shade howevery isn’t really yellow but more mustard so I think blondes can definitely give this a try!

Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast
Alice in Wonderland
Some of my friends call me Alice and I feel kind of related to this character.. I love both, the Disney movie and the book. This story was and still is a huge inpiration for me. Of course I had to adapt the look a little bit to modern times because I don’t think that people would normally walk around in white aprons but I think the style still looks quite Alice-like. Not something I would probably wear because it has a little too many bows for my taste and I look childish with bows but the shoes and the skirt are so lovely! :blinkheart:

To see more sets, read on!

Ok, this actually isn’t a Disney character but I liked the illustration. I would love to own a red cape or at least a duffle coat. The look is really simple and wearable. I especially love the shoes and the red purse!

I love the combination of turquoise or emerald green with red hair! Sequins are not really my style but I like to see it on others. Both purses and the bra are adorable though..

So.. that’s it for now, I have to go back to my physics stuff. :x:
I would also like to announce, that I’ll soon be hosting a giveaway on the occasion of nekoblog.ch’s first anniversary! :aiai:
And…I know that I’ve wanted to review the Sigma Kabuki brushes since quite some time now but I’m not feeling totally comfortable with them yet so let me practise a little more. I promise to tell you everything about them as soon as I can call myself a pro in the handeling. :tongue:
And last but not least I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments I’ve been getting in the last few weeks! It makes me happy to see that there are actually people out there reading my blog and it means a lot to me.
I also wanted to say that since Google is cancelling Google Friend Connect services as of 2012 for non-blogger sites I’ve decided to transfer to google+ and twitter. I already use facebook to post the links to my entries and Bloglovin but if you prefere you can keep track of nekoblog with twitter or google+ now. I’ll write more about these changes as soon as I have time. But if you’re curious, you can read about it on Sudo Beautify :twinkles: right now, lovely Ava explained everything and you’ll know why I can’t use GFC anymore. :crying:

Stay tuned for my Christmas market entry!

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