Vintage shirt and a whole lotta hay – is this a fashion blog?

Have you ever had an outfit which you tried on and fell in love with at first sight? Well this is one of these outfits for me. Red and black are one of my favorite color combos but since I used this combination in my darker teenage days, it’s difficult for me not to associate it with vampires, goths and all that comes with it. On the other side I associate these colors with Flamenco which I did for several years and traditional Swiss garbs, which I’ve never worn but fascinate me. You see, my emotions with red and black are way more complex than they should be. But let’s say I broke the spell because finally, after ages I was able to do a red and black outfit which didn’t remind me of my fashionwise very monotone youth.

And to answer the question of this blog entry’s title, well yes and no. During my time in Italy I had the chance to go through my grandmother’s closet and some of the dresses and things she owned were very stylish and fitted perfectly. But when I restarted with my blogging a few months ago, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let my writing get too personal so that’s all I feel like telling you for right now.
And if I’m dropping in an outfit post here and there, so be it, right?

me and my love for decay – hunting for abandoned places

I haven’t been wearing a proper outfit in quite a while since you don’t need much of a look to go down the stairs, cross the promenade and enter the baths. But I’m back in the city now so basically all I did was choosing an outfit to go see my friend at the flea market. Summer hasn’t been very hot this year and even if it’s August, the temperatures are pretty low, especially in the mornings. That’s why I chose to wear my long dungarees paired with a vintage top that must be very old and a apir of classic Superga. There’s always the chance that you find something particular at the flea market so a big straw bag seemed the perfect solution. I ended up getting a pair of very girly diving goggles for my niece and two Japanese tea boxes. Oh, and the sunglasses are a gift from my friend who was having a stand there.

karolatzagainst eswmsquare latzbimclo profclodet
Although the flea market would have been a lovely set, my incapability of getting pictures taken of in front of people makes it tricky to find a deserted zone on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After several attempts of finding the right place we ended up sweaty and tired on open fields. The crucial factor of our decision to take pictures here being that mountain of a hay bail which looked like fun.

appleback swooshbag lazyhayball karolatzflug
You could easily spot the landing air planes and I enjoyed my stay on the hay ball a lot until eventually a farmer came who was waiting for the sun to settle so he could mow the field. It was actually an elderly lady that did it all by hand with a scythe so I obviously couldn’t continue striking poses, sitting on that thing. Slightly embarrassed we moved forward and found some shade.

shirohanaswoosh haatohairdown tascherltri spottedlatz
I’d say this is my first real fashion blog post because I feel one hundred percent myself in this outfit. It’s comfy and cute and I think it’s pretty versatile. I didn’t feel dressed up or something and I’m so looking forward to wear this combo again. Do you wear overalls?


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