Vintage Tokyo Subway Manners



Originally I wanted to do a post about the modern subway manner posters of Tokyo, but then I stumbled over these vintage ones and I found them much more amusing so please enjoy:

PS: All pictures are from Pinktentacle


Discard your chewing gum at home (Even Superman is no match for chewing gum discarded on the train platform.) 1976

Space Invader (Read your newspaper without invading the space of others.) 1979

Dream at home (Doraemon kindly reminds tipsy people not to fall asleep in the train after a (Christmas) party.) 1981

Running forbidden (Don’t rush onto the train.) 1979

Darn! (Don’t let your handbag get caught in the doors.) 1977

Humans are forgetful (Don’t forget your hat and umbrella on the train.) 1976

When the bell chimes, it’s too late (Don’t rush into the train after the departure bell sounds.) 1977

Maria is tired (Stand up from your seat for a mother with a small child.) 1977

byebye ねこちゃん :lipstick:


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